Thanks for adding more to your Flying Sharks story… and I hope you’ve realised that the reason for the ‘wordless stories’ is to encourage you to think of how description can improve your writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a wee heads up… can you be ready to give me an update on your personal project NEXT FRIDAY (10th June)… I’d like to know the following:

  1. What you are learning about
  2. What you’ve found out so far (Don’t panic, I don’t need any great detail!)
  3. Where you are finding most of your information
  4. What you are working on so you can share your learning
  5. How well you’re getting on (and if there’s anything I can do to support you)

As I say, I don’t need great detail yet (though it’d be nice!), this is just so I can make a few notes for my own reference, and to check that you’re not leaving it to the last possible minute!



Interesting Learning

As promised, here are the details for the project.

You have chosen something YOU are interested in and want to learn about (BTW: I’ll be sharing with youย a really effective strategy for finding out more very shortly).

You are to do something with your new knowledge that you can share with me/the class/the world.

The ‘rules’ are pretty simple:

  1. You must be able to provideย sources for all your references/facts/information;
  2. Er, that’s about it, really;
  3. If in doubt, refer to rule 1.

As I have tried to make clear, you are free to share what you have learned inย any way you choose: essay, poetry, a story, a modern dance, a song, an album, a film, a documentary, a crochet blanket (much faster than knitting!), cake(s)or anythingelse that allows you , to show off some skills that you have that I would be unlikely to know about otherwise…

The Serious Bit: From my point-of-view, and for assessment purposes, you need to be able to explain the decisions you have made/choices you have made. Er, that’s about it… though don’t forget Rule 1 above!

DEADLINE: The intention is that you should be ready to share in the last week of term (w/c: 27/6/16)

As inspiration, here are some bits and pieces that previous classes have created…


Project Task

The task is:

Do you agree with keeping animals in captivity?

You may:

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Feel a mixture of agreement and/or disagreement

No matter your point of view, you must try to back it up with reliable evidence. In this case, that means evidence from a scientist or specialist on looking after animals, or someone like David Attenborough. It does not mean your Auntie or Grandad (unless, of course,ย your Auntie or Grandad is a scientist or specialist on looking after animals, or like David Attenborough).

Your assignment needs to be done for the last week of term… any day of the last week is fine. You can submit:

  • an essay
  • an opera
  • a film
  • a powerpoint
  • a talk
  • a poster
  • a piece of modern dance
  • a collection of poems…

In other words, feel free to use your imagination and skills to knock my socks off… ๐Ÿ™‚

This is to be a serious piece of work as far as the science or argument goes, but I insist you have fun doing it, and that you areย proud of what you achieve!

Here’s the What is Beauty? video that a previous S2 pupil created to inspire you:

PS: While I try to check all the comments on the YouTube video, there may be some inappropriate language which I have missed. It is rare, but it does happen. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Blackfish – Post Viewing

pdf-icon-1And here’s the updated version of the handout (in full colour)! Remember, you are investigating why the people referred to in the film are included. Why did there film makers choose to speak to the person… what special knowledge does he or she have.

You can ask for help using the “Leave a Comment” button at the bottom of the post. Remember, if you aren’t sure of something the chances are others in the class will also be unsure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click the PDF icon to download the file.

Blackfish Post Viewing

Rising To The Challenge

Another year, another chance to get busy with the blog.

WordPress has just become available to me again, so I am delighted to start up again by highlighting a couple of pieces of homework from this year’s ‘What is beauty?’ class. The first one is a photo essay/poem from Emma:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only did Emma write the poem, she also sourced or took all the photographs herself. Multi-modal learning and skills, anyone?

The second one I wanted to share with you is this one from Sam. Keep watching…

Sorry about the green line! I managed to add it when uploading the video, but I’ve no idea how!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of you have to share! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Old Age Pictures

Hi Class. Welcome to your blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As mentioned, your homework for next week is to find, or create, a picture you can use for your obituary. Obviously, this means you will need to use an existing picture, and then you will need to ‘age’ it. I mentioned 2 FREE tools you can use to edit an existing photo. You should probably ask permission from your parent or carer before downloading and installing a new programme!ย (NB: Check to see if you already have a programme that can edit the pictures. Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements are ideal, and sometimes come bundled with a camera or scanner)


My first choice picture editor for quick and easy editing on Windows is a free programme called Paint.net. For a free programme, it is remarkably powerful and will allow you to do a lot with your pictures. It has lots of tricks up its sleeves, so can take a while to get the hang of… but it’s worth it!


Well done for having a Mac! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The best free editor for Macs is a programme called GIMP. This stands for GNU Image Manipulation Programme. Like Paint.net, it’s very powerful, and free.

iOS and Android

Your best bet is to go to the App store and search for “age me”. I found two free iOS (ie: iPod/iPhone/iPad) Apps and there are bound to be some Android ones as well. If you know of one, please leave a comment so you can share it with the rest of the class.


If you don’t want to make a photo, or if you are not able to get access to a computer to do it, or if you are just a bit worried about the technology, DON’T PANIC! You are very welcome to use a random photo instead, just make sure it fits in with what you are writing for your obituary! ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK. Enough from me… over to you! Feel free to ask questions by using the comments (Just click on the speech bubble at the top of this post)… and srsly… DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE! You want to try and get a good picture made if you can, and that could take time!

Marking Time…

The title is a pun! I’m marking your “What is Beauty?” work at the moment, and throughly enjoying doing so, so thank you all for your efforts! After a fair bit of faffing around, I have managed to shrink and upload the first version of the Beauty Video Presentation that EW submitted. I thought you might like to see the whole thing. It’s rather good, and gives you all a target to go for for the next piece of big work! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course, I have no idea how I’m going to grade it…

Comments in the usual place! ๐Ÿ˜‰