Project Task

The task is:

Do you agree with keeping animals in captivity?

You may:

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Feel a mixture of agreement and/or disagreement

No matter your point of view, you must try to back it up with reliable evidence. In this case, that means evidence from a scientist or specialist on looking after animals, or someone like David Attenborough. It does not mean your Auntie or Grandad (unless, of course, your Auntie or Grandad is a scientist or specialist on looking after animals, or like David Attenborough).

Your assignment needs to be done for the last week of term… any day of the last week is fine. You can submit:

  • an essay
  • an opera
  • a film
  • a powerpoint
  • a talk
  • a poster
  • a piece of modern dance
  • a collection of poems…

In other words, feel free to use your imagination and skills to knock my socks off… 🙂

This is to be a serious piece of work as far as the science or argument goes, but I insist you have fun doing it, and that you are proud of what you achieve!

Here’s the What is Beauty? video that a previous S2 pupil created to inspire you:

PS: While I try to check all the comments on the YouTube video, there may be some inappropriate language which I have missed. It is rare, but it does happen. 😦