Audio Homework

Foley GrabI’ll check your foley answers over the weekend, but in the meantime, you are expected to have some fun if you get the chance. If you are allowed, and are able to, get yourself a copy of AUDACITY (and yes, it is 100% free), and start playing with the basics of sound editing.

What I showed you in class was basic recording, copying/pasting, and a few effects (reverse, echo, change pitch). Your best bet is to genuinely just play with the software… and I highly recommend using earphones to prevent excess noise.

A few things to try:

  • Alvin & the Chipmunks – Record something, then use: Effect => Change Pitch => (UP) Semitones (half-steps): 12.00
  • Scary Monster Voice, use: Effect => Change Pitch => (DOWN) Semitones (half-steps): 8.00
  • Speaking in tongues, use: Effect => Reverse
  • Making it louder, use: Effect => Amplify
  • Try to add a second (or 3rd/4th/5th… etc) track…: Tracks=> Add New => Audio Track (This is how you can create harmony vocal tracks)
  • Import a music track/song (you should be able to drag and drop songs from iTunes/Windows Media Player straight into Audacity… but it won’t allow you to import any tracks with copy protection), then play about with it. 😉

Above all, PLAY! Have fun… this is how you can find out what the software can do so that you are better able to use it for your English work.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂

And here’s the Foley Video the questions were based on: