IDs Created

Just a quick update: Your login IDs are now created. I’ll get them to you on Monday, along with a quick instruction sheet to get you started…

The URL for the wiki is:

You’ll notice there’s very little on it at the moment… it’ll be up to you to change that! 😉

(You could start by coming up with a suitable logo to replace the pot plant at the top of the page if you like! Needs to be about 150 x 150 pixels, and if you want it transparent, save it as a .PNG file)


The Task (Bwahahaha…)

So, now you’ve started your research, it’s time to explain the task…

You are finding out lots, all you have to do is find some way of sharing what you’ve learned with other people. Simples! I’ll leave you to it then…

Oh, all right. Here’re some guidelines for you.

The Rules

  1. You MUST have the sources for ANY material you use. (No source, no use!)
  2. Refer to Rule 1.
  3. That’s it… honest!
You can choose to make a film, create a website, do a dance, write a song, make a presentation, deliver a talk, paint a picture, create a… well, actually ANYTHING GOES!
What is important is that you SHARE what you have learned.
You can work on your own, you can work with others. You can use online resources, books, people, anyone you think can help you. You may wish to visit the AK Bell Library, there’s a really good WW1 display and room in the Black Watch museum. If you’re in Edinburgh, you could do worse than visiting the Military Museum in Edinburgh Castle, or Craiglockhart Hospital which is now part of Napier University.

Getting Started – Going Deeper

This is the picture I used as the background for the Glog

As you now know, all the items on the Glog are linked by Wilfred Owen… and somewhere in amongst all these things, I expect you to find a narrative or story to tell. It might be about Wilfred Owen. It might be about the Poem. It might be about the Great War. It might be about the music… You can choose.

It is important that whatever you choose to do does have a loose structure… a beginning, middle and end… and you can decide how that need to be done.
Here are a list of possibly useful links that might help you… but be warned — the more you find out, the more you’ll realise you don’t know!
This is just for starters! If you find any more interesting links or books, please share them here, or on the wiki:
You’ll get your wiki and Google Apps logins on Monday or Tuesday, and you can get busy playing with the sites.

What’s Next?

As I told you on Friday, this has now become an interesting project because I’ll only be able to see you once a week for the next week or so! This means you’ll need to do a lot of work by yourselves. Having said that, you can get in touch through this blog, or the wiki, or by emailing: english [at] perthacademy [dot] net
Keep a careful note of your sources! I’ll create a form you can fill in as you go to make this easier and share it with you once you have your logins for the wiki…
We’ll aim to share what we’ve done by the last week of term (the week beginning 27th June), this doesn’t mean what you’re doing has to be finished by that date… but you will need to show what you’ve managed to do by then! I really hope you will keep going on this until you have a project completed that you are really proud of. I want you to blow my socks off with what you do, but more importantly, I want you to be really happy with what you do!
So… any questions? If so, post them on the comments here, if not, go and get busy! 😉

What We Did The Day…

Hi class.

As mentioned, this is the blog to support your work just now. I’ll be posting all sorts of goodies here to keep you entertained and busy.

Today we were looking at reviewing your research skills from the library project you completed in First Year. Just to remind you, the key skills are:

  • Summarising
  • Note-making
  • Book and online research
  • Organising
  • Planning
  • Drafting and redrafting

In addition, I reminded you that it is really important that you keep a careful note of your sources. Please remember, the rules for your work are easy to remember:

If you can’t give the source, or if you don’t have permission to use the material, you can’t use it. Simples!

We’ll be looking at great ways of finding information you can use quite happily, and we’ll be showing you how to turn someone else’s words into your own, so by the time we finish in June next year, you should be really good at finding and using information to support your own thoughts. That’s the plan!

Now, I left you with a puzzle at the end of the lesson… here it is again in case you’ve lost it:

If you reckon you know what it is, or if you think you’ve solved it, please post your thoughts as a comment to this post… that way, you can share with those who haven’t cracked it yet.

One last thing: I won’t be able to teach you on Tuesday as I’ll be at RDM to take some lessons with the P7 learners who’ll be joining us in August… however… I have made arrangements to keep you very busy and I think you’ll enjoy it. All I will say is that you’ll need to work on your own and with others, you’ll need to make lots of notes, you should find bits of it quite difficult, you might want to have your own headphones, and all will be revealed tomorrow!